We go end-to-end starting with helping to identify the unique opportunity and then iteratively building the new product or service. We follow an approach designed to systematically and iteratively reduce the uncertaintysurrounding a new product or service. We begin by identifying critical assumptions and then conduct a series of in-market tests to learn our way to greater clarity and certainty.







Dheeraj Batra

Founder & CEO

Dheeraj has a diverse background that has enabled him to work with several companies - ranging from startups to Fortune 500 – across the world to help them develop innovative ideas and concepts, launch new businesses and build organizational capability. Dheeraj’s passion is combining traditional management consulting approaches with more creative ones, such as Design Thinking, to help identify truly breakthrough Innovations.

Dheeraj has launched multiple businesses including Arogya Finance, an award-winning financial services firm focused on improving access to healthcare. Dheeraj has worked with leading Innovators including Professor Clayton Christensen and the design firm IDEO and his work has been featured in multiple publications including the Harvard Business Review and books such as the Last Mile.

Dheeraj also built a strategy and innovation consultancy in India which he successfully exited to EY and became a Partner at EY’s Innovation Realized Practice, ranked #1 by Forrester Research. As a result of previous global public health work in Asia, Dheeraj was invited to join an external advisory board for the GPH group of J&J. In this capacity, Dheeraj advised the J&J GPH leadership team on its its global strategy and helped them prioritize new innovations and make strategic decisions.

Dheeraj holds a MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and BS in Computer Science and Finance from the University of Maryland.


Vijay Anand Raju

Co-Founder & Partner

Vijay has a unique mix of experiences that span startups, technology consulting, community building, management consulting and platform orchestration focusing on abstract 'first mile' problems to create long term impact. Most recently as Head of Strategy for World Economic Forum members, Vijay was responsible for rethinking the value proposition and business model to generate new revenue streams outside Davos engaging the global growth companies. Vijay was a member of the leadership team that built that world’s biggest millennial community, Global Shapers, in 431 cities, using an open innovation / decentralised model.

Prior to WEF, Vijay worked with a innovation & strategy consultancy/business incubator co-founded by Clayton Christensen, where-in he was part of a core team that built an award winning healthcare business model targeting low income patients in India for Medtronic. Early in his career, he led a digital transformation effort converting 120 animators who are specialised in 2D into 3D computer animators and delivering India’s first computer animation TV series aired in Cartoon Network Worldwide.

Vijay is a prolific 'storyteller' and writer on topics of strategy, creativity and leadership, with contributions in TEDx, Forbes, Huffpost, Al Arabiya, Business Insider, World Economic Forum. Vijay is a Global Leadership Fellow of the World Economic Forum with an Executive Masters in Global Leadership jointly offered by INSEAD, Wharton, London Business School, Columbia and CEIBS. Vijay holds a MBA from the International University of Japan where he was a Monbukagakhusho Scholar and BE in Mechanical Engineering from MK University in India.


Shipra Bhutada

Head of Design Research

Shipra Bhutada, a post graduate in New Media from the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, is an expert in User Centred Design. She has a rich experience of working across domains and has in past worked at Propel Labs, Microsoft, Kern Communications, and IMI Mobile. She also runs a user research consultancy- User Connect Consultancy. She is the General Secretary of ADI (Associate of Designers of India) Hyderabad Chapter.

Shipra has extensive experience of working in various domains such as health care, automobile, mobile communication, software and product designs. She works on strategic projects that have potential to impact the design and business of products and services and is an expert in designing and executing end-end user research projects across domains.

Her flair lies in understanding and identifying the unmet needs of the target users that leads to the conceptualization of innovative and viable product and services. She ensures that users are always at the center of design which enables development of usable and desirable products and services. She firmly believes that the true value of research is more definitive when one influences the creation and decision-making from the nascent stage itself.

Her ability to connect and empathize with the end users helps to bring out their unrealised desires, motivations, and challenges, which is the key to the success of research across any domain.She spends a lot of her time brainstorming with clients as she believes that the interactions with clients are vital to understanding their perspective, motivation, requirements, and the necessities that encourage them to build next-gen products and services for the end-users.


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